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Customer Satisfaction
Satisfied customers are essential to our success. We will achieve total customer satisfaction by seeking to understand, anticipate, and be responsive to our customers' needs.
Quality and Punctuality
We are committed to deliver our products & services in a timely and effective manner. We will be dedicated to source & review for improvement of product quality.
Safety Measure
Stringent safety measure is strongly enforced to provide a safe workplace for both our clients and employees. We will encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities.
Our Products & Services

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
Kidde Fire Systems
Hygood Systems
FireTrace Tubing Systems
Kitchen Hood Suppression System
Kidde WHDR Series
Amerex KP Series
Wet System Protection
Wet Sprinkler System
Pre-Action Sprinkler System
Deulge System
Comming Soon !
Very Early Warning Detector
Coming Soon !
Extingusting Detection System
Kidde Aegis XTL
Potter PFC-4410RC
Patent G88i
Vanguard V5 Advance
Fire Alarm System
Patent PS88i
Vanguard V5 Hybrid
Coming Soon !
Special Hazard System
Coming Soon !
Portable Fire Extinguisher
Amerex Extinguisher
Amerex Trolley Extinguisher
Hercules Extinguisher
Room Integrity Test
(Door Fan Test)
Ceritied Level 3 Tester
Dual Fan Mode Testing
Hydrostatic & Refilling
Halocarbon Refilling
Inert Gas Refilling
Valve Overhual
Extinguisher Refilling
Hydrostatic Testing
Coming Soon !
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