We carry an extensive variety of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, intended for use on particular types of hazards.
Portable Fire Extinguisher Brands We Carry


Amerex Portable Fire Extinguisher

  • Water Extinguisher


  • Halon1211 Extinguisher


  • Wet Chemical Extinguisher


  • Water Mist Extinguisher


  • Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher


  • Class D Extinguisher


  • Purple K Extinguisher


  • Halotron I Extinguisher


  • Halotron BRX Extinguisher


  • ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher


  • High Flow Extinguisher


  • Z Series High Performance Extinguishers




Amerex Wheedled Extinguihser

  • Novec1230 Wheeled  Extinguisher


  • ABC Direct Pressure Wheeled Extinguishers


  • Purple K Direct Pressure Wheeled Extinguishers


  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Wheeled Extinguishers


  • Halotron I Wheeled Extinguishers


  • Sodium Chloride Powder Wheeled Extinguishers


  • Copper Powder Wheeled Extinguishers


  • Z Series High Performance Wheeled Extinguishers




HERCULES® Portable Extinguisher

  • ABC Dry Powder Portable Extinguisher


  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Portable Extinguisher


  • AFFF Foam Portable Extinguisher


  • Class D Portable fire Extinguisher


  • FE-36 Portable Extinguisher


  • BCF1211 Portable Extinguisher


  • Hfc227ea Portable Extinguisher


  • FK5112 Portable Extinguisher


  • Lithium Ex Portable Extinguisher


  • Patented "Window" ABC dry powder


  • Wet Chemical Portable Extinguisher



HERCULES® Trolley Extinguisher

  • 25kg / 50kg Dry Powder Trolley (Cartridge)


  • 25kg / 50kg Dry Powder Trolley (Stored Pressure)


  • 10kg / 20kg / 23kg / 45kg Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Trolley


  • 50L Foam Trolley (Cartridge)


  • 50L Foam Trolley (Stored Pressure)


  • BCF 1211 Trolley


  • FK-5112 Trolley


  • Hfc227ea Trolley


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