Gas Suppression Systems Specialist


Eunix Fire Protection Pte Ltd was setup in 2005 as a fire protection company, specialize in varies fire suppression systems catering for both the residential and industrial needs.


As today global business environment, rely heavily on computers and your sensitive electronics other high-value assets and information are the survival of your business.


While other companies have been in the fire protection industry longer than Eunix Fire Protection, no other company has surpassed the service, quality products and excellent customer support provided by us.


The valuable knowledge and experience gained from installing, testing, commissioning and maintaining a wide range of suppression systems has enable us to excel in providing turnkey integrated solutions for areas requiring special protection. We have completed many integrated turnkey projects for data centres, computer rooms and disaster recovery centres to-date.


We are confident of providing the best in the areas of design, supply, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and maintenance support.


Tan Choon Lee
Managing Director
Customer Satisfaction
Satisfied customers are essential to our success. We will achieve total customer satisfaction by seeking to understand, anticipate, and be responsive to our customers' needs.
Quality and Punctuality
We are committed to deliver our products & services in a timely and effective manner. We will be dedicated to source & review for improvement of product quality.
Safety Measure
Stringent safety measure is strongly enforced to provide a safe workplace for both our clients and employees. We will encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities.
Our  Accredited & Quality Assurance
Meet The Team
Desmond Choo
General Manager
2013 - Present
Michelle Ting
Accounts Executive
2007 - Present
Lester Oh
Senior Project Manager
2008 - Present
Myo Min Han
Operation Manager
2015 - Present
David Ng
Project Manager
2011 - Present
Kevin Choo
Senior Project Engineer
2012 - Present
Albert Chong
Project Engineer
2017 - Present
Wilson Ang
Project Engineer
2017 - Present
Roy Huang
Asst. Service Engineer
2018 - Present
Benjamin Tham
Project Engineer
2019 - Present
Ting Mee Mee
Admin Executive
2010 - Present
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